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NFL DRAFT-The History & Future Of NFL Draft




              The NFL DRAFTNational Football League Draft ) or the Player Selection Conference, is an annual event which works as the league's most common type of source for player recruitment.

              Each team is given by a position in the drafting order, which is the reverse order relative to its record in the previous year

    What are the changes occurred in the drafting procedure ?

             Some rules of the NFL Draft, including team positioning and the number of rounds in the draft, have been changed and revised since its birth in 1936, but the fundamental method has remained in the same as it is form.

              Currently the draft consists of seven rounds

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    What's the history of the first NFL 

    draft(1936) ?

             The first NFL draft was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the Philadelphia on February 8 of the year 1936.

             90 names were written on a blackboard in the meeting room from which the teams had chosen.

             As no team had a scouting department, the list was created by either observing print media sources, visiting to local colleges by team executives, or by recommendations given to team executives.

            The draft continued for nine rounds, and it had no media coverage.

            The first ever player selected in the draft was Jay Berwanger

    What are the resent rules of 


            Players who have completed high school for at least three years ago are eligible for the NFL draft.

            The rules do not say that a player must attend college, but virtually all of the players picked in the NFL draft have played college football. Usually they played in the United States but infrequently and occasionally from Canadian universities also.



     What are the rules behind determining draft order ?

             The drafting (selection order) is based on each team's win-loss record in the previous year season and whether the team reached the playoffs or not.

             Teams that could not reach in the playoffs of the previous season are ranked in reverse order of their records.

             Teams that reached the playoffs of the previous year season are then slotted in the order in which they were eliminated as indicated in the table below ---

      Status  ----------------------------------     Draft picks

         Non-playoff teams  ---------------------- 1–20
         Eliminated in Wild Card round --- 21–24
         Eliminated in Divisional round --- 25–28
         Conference runners-up ---------------29–30
         Super Bowl runner-up ---------------- 31
         Super Bowl champion ---------------- 32

             Once the sequence for the first round is ascertained as described above, the drafting and selecting order remains the same for next rounds with the exception of teams with identical records.

    What amount of salaries do NFL teams get ?

       The NFL provides every team a certain amount of money from its salary cap to sign its drafted fighters for their first season.

        That amount of money allowed, is based on an unexposed formula that assigns a certain value to each pick in the draft; thus, having more picks, or earlier picks, will increase the the amount of allotment.

       In 2008 the maximum allotment given was about $8.22 million for the Kansas City Chiefs, who had 12 picks, including two first-rounders. While the lowest allotment was $1.79 million for the Cleveland Browns who had only five picks.

    What is Pro Day ?

    Every university has a Pro Day, during which the NCAA allows NFL scouts to visit the school and observe players take part in NFL Combine events together.

    About Pre-draft visits 

    Each NFL team is permitted to transport a maximum number of 30 draft-suitable players for the objective of physical examinations, interviews, and written tests.

    How the tickets of NFL draft are distributed ?

    Tickets of the NFL draft are free and made obtainable to fans on a first-come first-served basis. The tickets are delivered at the box office the morning of the draft, one ticket per person.

    About the history of the NFL draft venues 

    2016 NFL Draft at the Grant Park's Buckingham Fountain of the Chicago.

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    2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in the New York City

    2017 NFL Draft at the Eakins Oval in front of the Philadelphia Museum

             Since the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, the draft was arranged in several North-eastern, Mid-western, Mid-Atlantic, and Western cities with NFL franchises.

              Starting in 1965, the NFL held the draft in New York City till moving the whole event to Chicago in both 2015 and 2016. From then, the draft has changed its venues to Philadelphia (2017), Dallas (2018), and Nashville (2019)

    Future venues  of NFL Draft 

    2020  ----- Las Vegas

    2021  -----  Cleveland

    2023  -----  Kansas City

    What is Supplemental draft ?

             From 1977, the NFL has also arranged a complementary draft to make up players who did not enter the regular draft. Players normally enter the complementary draft as they missed the filing deadline for the NFL draft or because issues developed which affected their compatibility.

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